Management Consulting and Promotion Services

Goldair Congress AMC specializes in the field of Strategic Development, providing Management Consulting and Promotion Services to Scientific Societies, Organizations and Medical Institutions both in Greece and overseas.

Through carrying out detailed assessments of the business environment of any company, organization or institution, Goldair Congress AMC then designs personalized programmes and proposes strategies that are tailored to their complex needs. Alongside the study of all factors and parameters that contribute to the development of each company, the experienced professionals at Goldair Congress AMC undertake other facets such as management, handling of practical issues, fundraising and general representation.

With years of experience, specialized technical support and access to approved suppliers, Goldair Congress AMC focuses on the expansion of the activities of scientific societies and medical institutions, contributes to their flexibility and achieves cost and efficiency synergies, with a view to their substantial expansion.

Goldair Congress’ services in the field of Management include:

• Consultancy services and supporting Organisations, Scientific and Medical Institutions
• Strategic Analysis and Business Design Development
• Legal support and representation
• Organising Board Meetings
• Developing in-house accounting systems
• Handling communication and Social Media
• Financial Management
• Sourcing sponsorships and other funding
• Events Management and conferences
• Communicating with existing members of the Medical Body as well as approaching new members
• Overall supervision