Goldair Congress has been aiding scientific societies in their efforts for many years and will undertake the organization of educational programs, seminars, symposiums and courses, aiming at providing theoretical and practical training.
These programs are separated based on how they are conducted and the number of participants and include workshops, post graduate courses, master classes, symposiums and seminars.



Organization of training courses by an experienced and qualified staff, based solely on the specific and complex needs of small and large workgroups.

Master Classes

Goldair Congress contributes to the educational objectives of scientific societies through organizing courses and special training at regular intervals, for the training of each Scientific Society’s trainee or graduate doctors.


Organizing symposia and seminars restricted to 50 people, with a special emphasis on serving the complex and multifaceted needs of scientific companies.


Organization of practical and theoretical training courses, aimed at the deep and meaningful study of selected scientific matter.


Organizing seminars, aimed at providing participants with additional education and specialization on the subject matter at hand.