Goldair Congress undertakes the organization of scientific and medical conferences, symposia and workshops, in Greece and overseas.

The high level of services that Goldair Congress offers include the planning, organization and management of conferences, always tailored to the conferences’ complex needs.

The company’s strong financial background combined with purchasing and negotiating powers enable it to undertake the sourcing of sponsors along with flexible and practical proposals – and at the best prices in the international market. With the aim of comprehensively providing for all aspects of a conference, Goldair Congress’ specialized human resources and the fact that it meets the stringent requirements of a PCO mean that it has the ability to successfully organize all types of conferences.

The services of Goldair Congress include:

• Selecting and configuring the venue
• Design, editing and printing of all conference materials
• Organization, supervision and coordination of the conference and scientific program
• Full secretarial support
• Specialized software database program in the conference venue
• Promotion of the conference in the media
• Organization of press conferences
• Full audiovisual coverage and interpretation
• Organization of special events
• Travel and accommodation of participants
• Travel, accommodation and provision of numerous social events with guest speakers
• Financial and Accounting Support (Budget, Sponsorships and Financial Support)
• Specialized abstracts submission schedule
• Specialized on line registration system

As an active member of HAPCO (Hellenic Association of Professional Congress Organizers), ICCA (International Conference and Convention Association) and the Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB), Goldair Congress is amongst the most trusted names in the conference tourism sector and has organized some of the most successful medical and scientific conferences in Greece and abroad.


National Conferences

Goldair Congress is active in organizing National Conferences and Workshops for Greek Scientific Societies and Medical Institutions.
Goldair Congress’ nationwide medical and scientific conferences are aimed at highlighting the high level of research carried out in our country and fully informing Greek participants on the latest medical and scientific developments.
The participation of distinguished doctors and scientists from all regions of Greece, research paper presentations, lectures from guest speakers and the general promotion of scientific research, give conference participants an excellent opportunity to exchange views and information on the progress of each scientific field.
Thanks to Goldair Congress’ extensive experience, know-how and highly qualified professional staff, the organization and promotion of medical conferences are characterized by an attention to detail and sound management, factors which not only lead to successful conferences but Goldair Congress’ leading position in the nationwide conference industry.

European Conferences

Goldair Congress is also successfully active in the field of organizing European Conferences for Scientific Companies and Medical Institutions in the rest of Europe as it undertakes the planning and organization of scientific and medical conferences attended by thousand of participants and provides high quality services tailored to their diverse organizational and executive needs.
Goldair Congress’ objective is the flawless organization of scientific events, in order to better highlight the progress and innovations that are being achieved by Medical and Scientific Societies.
Providing a comprehensive range of proposals for participation, travel and accommodation for all participants and guests of honour in the country where the conference is being held, Goldair Congress organizes the pre-booking of hotels and airline seats and speedy enrollment at the conferences, as well as the provision of a rich tourist program that combines information and education with entertainment.

International Conferences

Goldair Congress also places a great focus on Global Medical and Scientific Conferences hosted by International Scientific Societies and Medical Institutions.
With years of experience in the congress industry, the company possesses an extensive list of successful conferences that have taken place both in Greece and abroad.
With its focus on providing flawlessly executed events, the company creates the optimum conditions for the presentation of pharmaceutical and interventional therapies and new diagnostic techniques.
By undertaking all of the practical details, such as the conference participants’ registrations, provision of informational material, travel, accommodation, tours and recreation, Goldair Congress is instrumental to the success of each conference.