www.goldaircongress.gr recognizes how important the security of Personal Data and the confidentiality of electronic transactions are and guarantees that it makes every reasonable effort to protect them from any unauthorized access, disclosure, loss, misuse, alteration or destruction.

Please note, though, that the current technical measures cannot warrant the absolute safety in data transfer via the Internet. The user is solely responsible for the transmission of data on the Internet.

The processing of your personal data is always within the framework of the applicable Greek law and European Law (Law 2472/1997 on the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data, Law 3471/2006 on the protection of personal data and privacy in electronic communications, M.D. 207/1998 and 79/2000 and No 95/46/EC and 2009/136/EC Directives of the European Union). We collect only the personal data provided by you, since every time you enter a personal piece of information, you are presumed to consent to the collection and processing of it. Our constant goal is to secure your data, as we use the most advanced technology in order to offer you security during your online transactions with us.

At various parts throughout our website, we may ask you for your details or additional information, such as travel preferences, to keep you informed of our services, special offers or potential participation in one of our programs. In any such case, entering data is optional. Sending offers and information takes place upon your consent and you can always let us know if you want to stop the mission.

In addition, during your visit to our website, some information is recorded such as your provider’s IP address, the website from which you arrived at our site, and the date and duration of your visit. We would like to clarify that this information is not linked to your personal data and is used to serve you better by improving our site.

The website of www.goldaircongress.gr com uses technology cookies. With the help of cookies, small files temporary or permanent, some information is registered at your computer during navigation, which is not related to your personal data and is not used to verify your identity, but it serves to better navigation and view of information based on your preferences, as well as it helps to evaluate users’ experience of the website of www.goldaircongress.gr. We should mention that all information contained in cookies is encrypted for security reasons.  It is at your discretion to record or delete these files by modifying the configuration in your browser, but unfortunately, their deletion will probably limit the navigation and use of our website. For example you may not be able to access some parts of the site, such as the member pages, or even to successfully complete a purchase.

In order to cover all functionalities which can be used by the visitors or even more by the registered members of www.goldaircongress.gr, it is required that the user’s password is stored encrypted as a Browser Cookie at the Browser used for entering www.goldaircongress.gr. The encryption system is AES 256 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AES-256).
Our Company’s policy concerning the protection of personal data, as defined herein, is single and is applied in addition to any specific regulation of the Company or/and to the terms of contract of transfer and/or to the terms of use of this website and/or the terms of any special programs and services. The Company reserves the right to modify these terms at any time, without prior notification, always aiming at safeguarding your privacy.

Privacy Policy
We make great efforts to protect our users from potential unauthorized access or alteration, disclosure or destruction of data we possess.
Information related to users’ personal data is considered to be confidential and recorded on secure servers. Secure servers are protected by safety zones (firewalls) and other usual security measures and they are not generally accessible by unauthorized third parties, but they could be accessible in case of violation of the security system. There is no security system which cannot be violated.
The website www.goldaircongress.gr shall take reasonable measures so that your Private Data is not accessible by third, unauthorized parties.
The questionnaires filled in by our customers give us permission to use such data for marketing activities and publish them, without mentioning their personal data.

Transaction policy with children
www.goldaircongress.gr does not make any transactions with children. To use this website, the user warrants that he/she is more than18 years old and assumes the responsibility for the use of the website by underage on his/her behalf. If we are aware that the user is under 18 years old, then we would inform you that parental consent is required for the completion of the purchase. In any case www.goldaircongress.gr bears no responsibility.

The General Information and the Personal Data which the website www.goldaircongress.gr collects
www.goldaircongress.gr does not control the security of computers or other electronic devices that you may use to send an e-mail and to submit information via the Internet. For this reason, www.goldaircongress.gr bears no responsibility in case of disclosure or information theft before it receives this information.

www.goldaircongress.gr and its strategic partners may use the information we collect: (1) to answer your questions; (2) for marketing purposes, including – among others – receiving notifications for special offers, promotions and events, as well as offers and promotions through our strategic partners, and in addition the live broadcasting of videos from visitors to the open spaces of entertainment which can be used to promote these facilities on www.goldaircongress.gr; (3) to communicate with you for confirmation or for customer’s services or when you registered or participated in certain activities; (4) to answer your questions, complaints or other communications; (5) to verify the Personal Data we collected or may collect from other sources; (6) for demographic purposes or analysis; and (7) to trace reservations and respective sales which are created by the affiliate program of www.goldaircongress.gr , as well as for potential information on new activities of the company.