Goldair Congress operates based on a philosophy that governs the entire Goldair Group of Companies through strictly following the three principles of Innovation, Insight and Dedication, in all of its activities.

These three key principles characterize the company’s human resources and are also the means through which Goldair Congress has consolidated its leading position in the Greek and international markets.

The constant investment in education and skills, systematic reorganization, immediate response to the highest international safety and quality standards and the studied use of its three guiding principles to maintain its position in a constantly changing business environment, are just a few examples of Goldair Congress’ strategy.

The most important component however in the achievement of its vision, is based on the interrelation between the company and its customers. Our aim is to continually improve its services using a customer-centric approach that will exceed the costumer’s expectations and justify their decision in choosing Goldair Congress among the wide network of PCO.